Manofias (Just Da Dutch Gall) finally found her peace in Hip Hop Neo-Soul where she feels lyrically free and comfortable enough to share her feelings, experiences and visions about (her) life. She became the Free Spirit she longed to be.

Diagnosed with ADHD it is sometimes hard to regulate thoughts and express emotions in a way our society expects from us.

Writing lyrics, weather its poetry, rap or songs, definitely helpt Manofias.

Back in '94 she was invited by her best friend to join on a Hip Hop track to sing the hook. Thrilled with enthusiasm she received a cassette with the beat. He told her the theme off the song and left... she looked at the cassette clueless for like 10 minutes and called him to explain that she could not write. He said... just FEEL the beat and you WILL write.

Well...she wrote! Not just the hook to sing... she delivered bars as well to rap on. Sista*Brotha (the formation they became) was a fact.

Participation on Showcases and gigs on many stages like Paradiso and Melkweg followed.

After 6 years the group split. She was on her own searching for her sound and courage to continue solo.

After a 10 year break she picked up her writing and moved on!

Inspired by her idols like; Jill Scott, Talib Kweli, NOTTZRAW, J.Dilla and Little Brother she is currently working on her debut E.P. "the break-up " with her music Squad and a single deal for her song "Dreamin' " offered by Record Label L5.

Manofias is finally flowing in her comfort zone as the Free Spirit

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